Weekend Drive Philippines, A Short History


It all started with what was a yearly event called Epic Tanay Matsuri. It was a 200 km road trip, organized by a group of friends with a penchant for what they called “spirited driving”. The goal was to go around the Laguna Lake, traversing Tanay, Caliraya, Pagsanjan, Los Baños and then back to Manila. It is a rigorous route, primarily because it includes driving through long stretches of mountainside twists that might render an unexperienced driver squeamish. Even so, the driving experience is superb and the views are breathtakingly serene.

We, the Patron Saint of Road Trips and I, joined in the 2014 iteration of the Epic Tanay Matsuri. I’ve only had the car (Stark) for roughly four months then, and was driving for less than a year. It was an adrenaline rush of course, and the excitement brought on by trying NOT to fall off a cliff at a sharp curve was enough for us to want more.

After the epic Epic Tanay Matsuri, we found ourselves feeling the need to go somewhere. Sometimes, the destination wasn’t even important, as long as the road to it had several hairpin turns. This started the idea of starting a group, a support group, if you will, of likeminded people. “We’re going to help them satiate the need, feed the addiction, to drive. We’re like alcoholics anonymous, but for addicts addicted to driving. We’re going to help them, not by helping them get rid of it, but by feeding it even more”. Simply put, we’re a pretty useless support group. 😛

By the last quarter of 2014, we were joined by another road tripper with a white Ford Ecosport, aptly named Snow White. Snow White accompanied us on our first 1000 km long road trip spanning several days to Ilocos, and sadly, our last road trip with Marc, the Patron Saint of Road Trips. I’m not going to elaborate on this whole experience, as I feel I’m not ready to put it into words just yet.

And so here we are. The group has grown a lot since then, our destinations covering more regions of the country. Snow White, for one, has gone as far as Mindanao on her solo trip. All this we do, in honor of our fallen friend. Every destination, every twist and turn on the route Google Maps (or Maps.me, depending on who the Pack Leader is) has chosen, there’s never a second that we do not wish he was there enjoying the road (or cursing the potholes) with us.

Everything, everything is for the Patron Saint of Road Trips on Hatchbacks.